Growing up to be someone who is bad at sports, it is actually funny when fate actually brought me opportunity with sports related business. It was all started in 2016, when I had opportunity to bring Delfin brand to Indonesia, as their exclusive distributor. Delfin is an innovative sportswear from USA that delivers not only for fashion, but also the innovative function that will help you burn and sweat more. 

Fast forward, I started Rise because I wanted to start something that we can be proud of as Indonesian. I know exercise is not something that we naturally like, it needs dedication and hard work. I know this problem and Rise was born to help people to be more encouraged to start taking care of their body through exercise. 

Aging is a certain thing, but it is up to us how we want to go through the aging. I’m sure we all want to age with a healthy and fit body, that’s why it is so important for us to build the good habit for our body. Eat healthy and exercise regularly is an important key. Let’s do it together, let’s Rise together!