Rp 125.000 Rp 675.000


Size Guide MENs SHORTS

Sz M : LP = 75cm - 80cm
Sz L : LP = 80cm - 85cm
Sz XL : LP = 85cm - 90cm
Sz 2XL : LP = 90cm - 95cm

MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUTS! DESIGNED FOR MEN & ALSO GREAT FOR FITNESS COMPETITORS. Our Men's Heat Maximizing fitness top was designed with comfort and ease of movement in mind. Offers a snug fit to provide moderate compression. Features a crew neck and flat seams throughout for comfort. Sleeveless design allows for full range of motion.

MATERIAL: Nylon outer; 1.5mm layer of Neoprene in middle & Polyester inner with embedded Bio-Ceramic material. Side panels made of recycled fabric, which helps provide ventilation. Made from eco-friendly high tech Cocona fabric, which is excellent in moisture management and odor control.

BENEFITS OF BIO-CERAMIC MATERIAL & HOW IT WORKS: The thin middle layer of neoprene> works in conjunction with the Bio-Ceramic material to efficiently reflect your body heat in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR). This combination really cranks up the sweat when you are active! The potential and primary benefits of FIR rays are: Improved micro-circulation to help flush toxins, increased perspiration and calorie burning during exercise, and assistance in lessening fluid in fat cells.


Product Dimension :


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